Our Story


Gretchen started PROPERBEAST

When she was a kid in Pittsburgh & had to work her brother’s hand-me-downs into something cool…

when she had to master thrift store rags into a mad outfit for clubbing...

& again when she gave up finding that perfect wedding dress & designed her own.

Everything&Nothing prepared her for this journey.

She wasn't educated in design & she didn't go to fashion school.

She learned through desire & lack.

And in that exquisite space created what she needed—what she wanted

to become who she is today—


What we do/Besides make you look like a rock star

  • 1 of a kinds

  • Small Runs

  • Bespoke

If it’s not in stock, we’ll make it & ship it in 2-3 weeks.                       & if you live in Portland, custom fitting is available.